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¿Quién apoya el distrito congresional latino?

¿Quién apoya el distrito congresional latino?

Cuando se habla de la creación de un nuevo distrito congresional de mayoría latina, que incluiría partes del norte de Manhattan, el oeste de El Bronx y parte de Queens, uno de los ángulos que no se ha cubierto es el sentir de la delegación de Queens sobre el asunto.

El distrito propuesto por Northern Manhattan West Bronx Coalition for Fair Representation incluye partes de Corona y Jackson Heights, pero la mayor parte de las conversaciones en torno a su creación se centra en las batallas políticas que se libran en el norte de Manhattan, El Bronx y Harlem.

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Is Queens backing New Latino Congressional Seat? El Diario La Prensa

Roberto Perez | 02/29/2012 | El Diario

When discussing the creation of a new Latino-majority congressional district, which would include parts of Northern Manhattan, the West Bronx, and parts of Queens, one of the angles that I think has not been covered are the feelings of the Queens delegation on the matter.

The district proposed by the Northern Manhattan West Bronx Coalition for Fair Representation includes parts of Jackson Heights and Corona, but most of the conversations around the creation of the new seat is focused on the political battles being waged in Northern Manhattan, the Bronx and Harlem.

I found it interesting that a letter sent to Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, signed by a group composed of community leaders and elected officials, calling themselves the progressive leaders for fair representation urging the creation of a new Latino congressional seat did not include the signatures of the three Latino elected officials in Queens: State Senator José Peralta, Assemblyman Francisco Moya, and Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, who would all be affected by the new lines.

"We are going to Queens in the next couple of days to meet with community leaders, and supporters of the plan. We will also be inviting elected officials to participate in the discussions," said Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who has been a vocal supporter of the new district.

A source told me that the Queens delegation has decided to stay out of this mess, and let "the chips fall where they may." Once redistricting is done, everyone is free to support whomever they want to support, but for now they are opting to stay out of the fight, for fear of offending any of the current members of the congressional delegation from Queens that could be impacted by the changes.

I contacted the offices of the various elected officials in Queens, that would be affected by the changes, and most did not respond, or chose to speak off the record. Which tells me that this is undoubtedly a political hot potato.

Another thing I found interesting about the letter addressed to state leaders, was that every Latino elected official who signed the letter is of Dominican descent, with the exception of course of Sen. Peralta, Councilwoman Ferreras, and Councilman Cabrera who did not sign, and neither did the Democratic Party leaders of the three counties that would be part of the new district: Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie, Manhattan Assemblyman Keith Wright and Queens Congressman Joe Crowley.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Andrew Gounardes on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, State Senate candidate for the 22nd SD Andrew Gounardes. Here are some of Andrew's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.


"Common Cause, refers to the South West Brooklyn Senate seat, which is mine the 22nd, as Marty Golden's gerrymander. So, when Common Cause one of the leading good government groups in the state, and in the country labels my seat a special name, you know that there's something fishy going on."


"I think we're doing pretty well so far. I made my first filing a few weeks ago, we raised 62,000 dollars which was 4 times as much as the last challenger that Senator Golden had last year, and don't forget, there's never been aside from 2010, the last challenge that Senator Golden faced was in 2002. So, he hasn't been challenged before, so we're really mounting the most aggressive challenge to his ten years in office ever."

Senate Democrats

"If they have money to throw my way, it's obviously going to very, very welcomed, I'd love to have their support."

The 22nd SD

"The problem is that we don't have democratic voters living in these neighborhoods, it's that we don't have democratic candidates running for these offices, and again it goes to my point, that no one aside from Mike DiSanto last year, has stepped forward to run against Marty Golden in the past decade, Democrats outnumber Republicans in terms of enrollment by about 2 to 1 in the entire district."

"This year we're gonna have phenomenal turn out, in a presidential year, turn out increases by about 25,000 voters. I'm anticipating about 85, or 86 thousand people to come out, and vote in this election."

"The name of the game right now is fundraising. That's been my principle focus."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Olanike Alabi on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, State Assembly candidate for the 57th AD Olanike Alabi. Here are some of Ola's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Congressional Race in the 10th CD

"I've actually had several of the candidates express support for me. At least two of them. I've had two of them express support for me."

"I'm still meeting with the candidates who are interested. Let me be very clear with you, when I say they've expressed support for me, meaning my candidacy, and they thought that it would be good for the district. But in terms of having a formal sit down, I'm still going through that process, so nothing has been finalized as of yet."


"We're not concerned about money, because I'm also clear that it's your service that also plays a huge part in it. As of right now, I'm pretty confident that we're gonna reach it, if not exceed it."

Vito Lopez

"I'm not always on his side on issues, and he's not always on my side. It is clearly a political love hate relationship."

Hakeem Jeffries

"We've had our differences. I think it's fair to say, that it's a civil relationship."

Ed Towns

"Congressman Towns has been very supportive of me. He has been favorable towards my candidacy. He's indicated an interest in wanting to sit down."


"Ronnie Syskes with Syskes Global Communications. The Balducci Group, Lynch and Associates they have both reached out to me, and we intend to make a decision real soon."


"I've only gotten an endorsement thus far from one union the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association. When 1199, and all the other unions open up their process, I intend to submit, and make my candidacy known in terms of the formal process like anyone else, and move from there. Essentially, no assumptions can be made."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Distrito congresional latino en veremos

Todo el mundo parece estar en un limbo cuando llega el momento de hablar sobre la posibilidad de crear un distrito congresional que pueda ser ocupado por un latino.

La actual propuesta -de grupos y líderes hispanos- incluye partes del Alto Manhattan, el oeste del Bronx, y de Jackson Heights y Corona, en Queens. El nuevo distrito tomaría áreas que son actualmente partes de los congresistas Serrano, Rangel, Crowley y Ackerman.

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Is Peter Rivera Stepping Down?

I'm hearing, that Assemblyman Peter Rivera is looking to leave the Assembly, and submitted papers for a position on the surrogate court, and has already interviewed for a position.

This set's up a fight for his seat, which pits his long time Chief of Staff Danny Figueroa against the very formidable Luis Sepulveda who got 44% of the vote to Rivera's 57% in their last race.

Initially, I was hearing that Figueroa would challenge State Senator Ruben Diaz for the Male District Leader post. Now, because of the latest developments. He is positioning himself to run for the Assembly seat.

Sepulveda according to my sources, has been campaigning since the day after his loss to Rivera, and most predict an easy victory against Figueroa, but Figueroa cannot be counted out because of his long ties to the district by virtue of being by Peter Rivera's side for the last twenty years.

Sepulveda has his own Rabbi in State Senator Ruben Diaz, so this should get very interesting, when and if Rivera steps down.

A New Latino Congressional seat we'll see? El Diario La Prensa

Roberto Pérez | 12:01 am | 02/22/2012 | El Diario

Everyone seems to be in limbo, when it comes to whether, or not there will be a new Latino congressional district.

Under the current proposal, the new district, would include parts of Northern Manhattan, the West Bronx, Jackson Heights and Corona, Queens. The new district would include areas that are currently represented by Congress members Serrano, Rangel, Crowley and Ackerman.

But this proposal does not get anywhere without going through the usual fights that happen in Albany. A source told me that Manhattan Democratic county leader Assemblyman Keith Wright, and Bronx Democratic Party Boss, Assemblyman Carl Heastie, must come to an agreement on what county committee control's the district of Congressman Rangel if it comes up to the Bronx. If they can not agree on this, this whole thing could blow up, said this source.

Bronx Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, who is the chairman of the county committee, told me that having these two scenarios occur Rangel's district coming to the Bronx and creating a Latino district was a bit of a stretch. Another ingredient that makes this stew thicker is that nobody knows what Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, will do. Some say that Silver is keeping things close to the vest.

State Sen. Martin Dilan, the ranking member on LATFOR, told me a few weeks ago that he expected a court-appointed "special master" to end up drawing the congressional lines. So right now nobody seems to have a clear answer.

Latinos have traditionally been shortchanged in the redistricting process. The congressional delegation from New York has 29 members, of which 13 are in the city, and only two are Latino, although 17.6% of the state's population and 28.6% of the city is Hispanic. The last Latino elected to Congress, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez was elected 20 years ago.

Lucia Gomez, executive director of La Fuente, and a redistricting expert puts it this way: "They cant get around, the reality of the Latino population growth. They have to draw a seat, that has a significant majority Latino voting age population aside from Congressman Serrano’s district, and ensuring protection of Nydia Velazquez seat."

We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comrie Ramps Up his Fundraising

In an effort to bolster his fundraising, Councilman Leroy Comrie has hired Bliss Street Strategies. Comrie, who is being mentioned as a candidate for the office of Queens Borough President, is currently listed as having a meager 9,001.00 in his account.

Bliss Street Strategies is managed by veteran political consultant Bill Driscoll, and long time democratic party operative Krista Brenner.

Council member Peter Koo, and Assemblyman William Scarborough, have also signed on with the firm. Koo, who is listed as having 73,725.00 in his account. Continues to raise money, in preparation for his first run in the city council as a democrat.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Julie Menin on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, Manhattan CB 1 Chair Julie Menin. Here are some of Julie's views, on the issues of the day. Julie, is exploring a run for the office Manhattan Borough President, below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Occupy Wall Street

"In my belief, OWS led to the Governor's change in position, on the millionaires tax."

"I'm very pleased, that because of OWS we saw change in the Governor's position, and in some level of income redistribution."

Teacher Evaluations

"What the Mayor should be doing, is bringing the parties to the table, rather than waging a war with the teachers union, which I don't think is going to be productive at all. He should be trying to bring parties together, on the issues that are dividing people."


"I have brought on a fundraising consultant, and she has been helping me Marla Klinger. She was the fundraiser for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman when he ran for AG, and in terms of fundraising in general, I'm very gratified by our filing."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jeff Dinowitz on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, Bronx Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz. Here are some of the assembly members views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.


"I do have a problem. When we have these crazy districts you know, the Rangel district going from Manhattan to Bronx to Mount Vernon. I'm not so sure, that's a great idea. A new Latino seat, I don't have a problem with that as such, but I don't want my district cut up in order to accomplish that, my district has just as much right not to be cut up as other districts do. Riverdale, is a major piece of my district, and some of the proposals I've seen chops Riverdale in half why should that happen. So, I think when you have race based districts it causes problems. We need to conform, and we should conform with the voting rights act, we want to be fair to everybody, but I don't want my district being treated unfairly. I think creating a new Latino seat, plus a Rangel seat, that goes from Manhattan up into West Chester would be a bit of a stretch, having both of those things happen."

"My lines are great. I've looked at the Bronx lines and I've looked at Manhattan, I haven't looked at the whole state. The assembly lines from what I've seen are drawn in a very rational way, neighborhoods are kept together you don't have all these weird looking districts. I think the assembly really went out of it's way to conform with the voting rights act, to put together compact districts, and to minimize
to the greatest extent possible the deviation between the size of the districts, and the average state wide number for example in the Bronx, the districts are about 126,400 people each a little bit more that that. They're all within 31 people of each other in the Bronx, and the state wide is 129,000 meaning that the Bronx districts are all within about 2% of the state wide average the law allows a deviation of 5% the Bronx lines are within 2%, and for the most part they keep neighborhoods together."

State Senate Lines

"The Republicans are hiding behind the voting rights act, when they oh we've drawn Asian districts, and we've done this. The fact is they're trying to accomplish a political goal."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LATFOR afecta a latina de Harlem

Mis fuentes dicen que bajo el propuesto mapa de redistribución electoral de la Asamblea, la recién electa líder femenina por el Distrito 70 en West Harlem, Marisol Alcántara, quedó fuera del distrito, y fue movida al distrito 71. Alcántara asumió el puesto al derrotar a April Tyler, quien por largo tiempo fue líder distrital. El Distrito 70 es representado por el asambleísta y líder del condado de Manhattan Keith Wright.

Cuando los mapas se dieron a conocer y se supo que Alcántara había quedado fuera del distrito, sus aliados asumieron que fue por motivos políticos. Alcántara, quien no tiene pelos en la lengua, criticó fuertemente a la maquinaria política de Harlem durante su victoriosa campaña.

To read the rest of the story, please follow the link.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Costa Constantinides on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, Costa Constantinides. Here are some of Costa's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Queens Democratic Party

"I've had some conversations with people. I'm still in the exploring stages. Councilman Danny Dromm has been wonderful, and he's been someone I look at as a mentor. It's someone, that I'm following very closely, and seeing sort of his balance of being a county guy, and a progressive guy, and those things are not mutually exclusive. You can be progressive and be a county guy at the same time, and I look up to Danny in that way. We have some great leaders here in Queens. Julissa Ferreras, Jimmy VanBramer, all those great progressives I look up to, and I'm hoping to get their support as well."

Perry Vallone

"He's been in Jersey for a long time. I have no idea what Perry's gonna do, but I know that he's been in New Jersey for a really long time."

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bravo is drawn out of the 78th AD

Ischia Bravo who serves as the Executive Director of the Bronx Democratic Party, was drawn out of the 78th AD which is represented by Assemblyman Jose Rivera, and is now a resident of the 86th AD, which is represented by Assemblyman Nelson Castro. This is of course, is all contingent on whether the proposed assembly lines remain as they are. The rumors that I've been hearing, is that this was done at the behest of Assemblyman Rivera, because Bravo was viewed as a potential successor to Rivera. The former Bronx boss on the other hand, would like his son Councilman Joel Rivera to be his heir apparent, and ultimately pushed to have the lines drawn in a way that creates an easier path for Joel, who will be term limited out of the City Council. It is still too early say, what will ultimately come out of this whole thing, but according to the rumors coming from the Bronx. Rivera, ultimately wants to hand pick his replacement, and will not leave it in the hands of the Bronx Democratic Party, if he has any say in the matter.

Chris Banks on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, State Assembly candidate for the 40th AD Christopher Banks. Here are some of Christopher's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

The Barron's

"For the past ten years, we've been disenfranchised because of everything being tied to politics. Our elected officials mainly our assembly person, and our council person whose supposed represent the entire district have actually chosen 1 or 2 non profits that they're going to use as their pets, so a whole host of non profits have been left out from the table."

"The leadership that exists has been left from the table because, they cannot first of all they don't understand their role as being a legislator, and the fact that being a legislator means that you govern through consensus, and what they've allowed is their activism to lead them in every decision, and they voted against the leadership on important issues that matter to East New York."

"There is a current of dissent against the Barron's them not being able to create jobs as far as the wife not being able to bring any resources back to the district in two, or three years no member items whatsoever hasn't passed any type of bills, or laws that have affected, our community and they haven't built any relationships."

"We've been meeting with a lot of folks, a lot of enemies that they've created. We've brought into the circle people are sick and tired of the Barron machine."

"With the enemies they've made throughout the state with the Governor. I mean you can name it these folks will definitely be on our side."

"Right now we've raised a little over 13,000 dollars. We're doing way better than her. The opponent hasn't even raised any money. The goal of the campaign is to raise 100,000 dollars."

"It's hypocritical of the councilman and the assemblywoman now to now say their against Walmart when a couple of years ago they sat down and negotiated a CBA agreement, and all of a sudden just because the CBA agreement never went through after 6 years, I think it was a 3 million dollar plan on paper, it was never honored, so now all of a sudden now you turn around, and say I'm against Walmart, or your against Related, so Charles and there's definitely an issue of credibility gap with the assemblywoman and the councilman."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Roberto Perez on Curtis Sliwa's Radio Program Part 1.

I was invited to be a guest on Curtis Sliwa's radio program. We discussed the future of talk radio, the internet, and the involvement of young people in the electoral process. This is Part 1. of the interview.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vince Morgan on THE PEREZ NOTES

Avizoran reto para concejal Erik Dilan

POR: Roberto Perez |02/08/2012| El Diario

Mis fuentes me dijeron que Jesús González se prepara para postularse para el Concejo Municipal por el distrito 37. El escaño está ocupado actualmente –a tiempo limitado- por el concejal Erik Dilan. González, quien actualmente reside en el distrito 34 de la concejal Diana Reyna, planea mudarse al distrito 37 en un futuro próximo.

Se espera que González se registre como candidato la semana que viene. Escuché que la gente de Make the Road NY, donde González está empleado, prefería que se enfrentara nuevamente con el asambleísta Rafael Espinal –respaldado por Dilan– porque ya hizo una fuerte campaña en su contra y la de Deidra Towns a pesar de no tener el apoyo del partido demócrata.

To read the rest of the column, please follow the link.

Assemblyman Keith Wright sets the record straight

"Marisol Alcantara Vs. Keith Wright" Post


I just had a chance to look at your blog post about the rumored engineering of the 70th Assembly District to purposefully exclude Marisol Alcantara. First off, it is not true. If you had called the me
for comment, I would have told you that. After the proposed lines designed by the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and Reapportionment (LATFOR) were made public, I also realized that District Leader Alcantara was placed outside of the district which, as you correctly noted, would create some problems. In light of this, I spoke with Assemblyman Jack McEneny, the head of LATFOR, and told him of the issue and urged him to draw Ms. Alcantara back into the district. This conversation took place more than a week ago and was indeed relayed back to Ms. Alcantara herself at that time.

Due to population losses of approximately 17,000 residents in the 72nd District and 10,000 residents in the 71st District and a gain ofapproximately 24,000 residents in my 70th Assembly District, all of the uptown districts were forced to shift south in order to create the legally required parity in district population. This was the only reason that Ms. Alcantara was removed from the 70th District in the current lines. It was not due to any malfeasance or political engineering,only a shift in the population and I am hopeful that this issue will be ultimately resolved.

Additionally, I never promised nor blocked access to the West Harlem Independent Democratic Clubhouse, as it is not my right. Any suggestion otherwise is erroneous, untrue and compete fiction. The clubhouse is not public property, the lease is privately held by April Tyler. Until Ms. Tyler chooses to give up the lease, she is in control of the property, as is her right by law.

Next time you decide to pursue a story about my perceived actions, I would hope to have the pleasure of at least speaking with you before they are published. I have long respected your journalistic integrity and have always made myself available to you for comment and to be honest, I hope to continue to do so in the future!

Thank you for your time and attention to my response.

Assemblyman Keith Wright

Andrew Gounardes on THE PEREZ NOTES

Marisol Alcantara Vs. Keith Wright

My sources are telling me, that under the proposed assembly lines, newly elected Female District Leader for the 70th AD in West Harlem Marisol Alcantara, has been drawn out of the district. Alcantara assumed the post by defeating long time District Leader, and Keith Wright ally April Tyler by a land slide.

But, since her victory. Alcantara, I'm hearing has been nothing but marginalized by the county leadership. One example that was given to me, is that Alcantara as promised never received access to the West Harlem Independent Club which is her right as District Leader.

Another thing that is too coincidental, is that it was only her block, not even her street which was drawn out of the district and placed in the 71st AD which is Assemblyman Herman Denny Farrell's district.

With no where to go in the 71st AD. This automatically pits Alcantara, against long time District Leader Maria Luna. I'm hearing that Luna placed a call to County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright to find out why this was done, but did not receive a response. Another source told me that Alcantara met with Wright, and that the County Leader did not give a clear answer, as to why this happened. Another rumor that is circulating is that April Tyler wants to run for the post again, and Alcantara was drawn out to create an easier path to victory for Tyler.

I'm hearing, that those in the community that helped elect Alcantara are upset by what happened, and are writing letters to Wright, and are even planning a protest. Alcantara, has never been one to back away from a fight, so expect this thing to heat up.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Dilans are preparing for Velazquez

I'm hearing that Council member Erik Dilan is quietly laying the ground work for a congressional campaign against Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez. But, the Dilans expect Velazquez to go on the offensive. The Dilan's are preparing to defend the Male, and Female District Leader positions held by Erik Dilan, and his wife Janitza Luna Dilan.

They expect the opposition to be, John Rodriguez who will make a play at the male post, and Darma Diaz who will challenge Luna Dilan for the female post. The Dilan camp suspects that Velazquez is preparing to support Rodriguez, Diaz, and Jesus Gonzalez. In other words, they're expecting the Congresswoman to put together a slate against them, and these are the candidates they expect to be their opponents. But we shall see what happens.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tommy Torres for City Council in the 34th CD?

Tommy Torres is exploring a run for City Council in the 34th CD. I spoke to Tommy about his possible run, and here's what he had to say. "I was attracted to the matching funds program that the city offers, and as you know I have been a teacher in the district for the last 15 years, and I'm also from the district. I'm a life long resident of the NYCHA Cooper Park houses."

Tommy is a teacher at Grand Street Campus High School, and is veteran of many political campaigns which include, Bill Thompson's mayoral run, Adam Clayton Powell IV congressional campaign, and the latest being Rafael Espinal's assembly race in the 54th AD. Tommy also worked, on Juan Martinez city council campaign in 2003, in the 34th CD.

Torres said, that he is still considering a run, and nothing is final just yet, but he has been encouraged by his colleagues, in addition to teaching, he coaches boys baseball, and girls basketball. He also brings to the table a strong relationship with the Rivera Bronx political dynasty which includes Assemblyman Jose Rivera, daughter Naomi Rivera, and Council member Joel Rivera.

This would add a third Latino male to the mix if Torres runs. The other candidates being mentioned are Jason Otano from the office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Diana Reyna's Chief of Staff Antonio Reynoso, and Female District Leader Maritza Davila. This is getting interesting folks.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

MRNY Vs. The Dilan's Part 2 ?

My sources tell me, that Jesus Gonzalez is preparing to run for city council in the 37th CD. The seat is currently held by council member Erik Dilan. Gonzalez, who currently resides in the 34th CD which is council member Diana Reyna's district, plans to move to the 37th CD in the near future.

It is expected, that Gonzalez will register as a candidate this coming week. I'm hearing, that the folks at Make the Road NY where Gonzalez is employed, would have preferred that he run against Assemblyman Rafael Espinal again, because he ran a strong campaign against Espinal, and Deidra Towns despite not having the Democratic party line.

Gonzalez, according to people involved in the meeting, was dead set on running for city council, and preferred not to run for state assembly again regardless of what the leadership at MRNY thought was his best path to elected office. This could once again, pit MRNY against the Dilan family who many predict will run Female District Leader Janitza Luna Dilan, who in addition to being District Leader is the wife of the current council member, and the daughter in law of State Senator Martin Dilan.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Antonio Reynoso on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, City Council candidate for the 34th CD Antonio Reynoso. Here are some of Antonio's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Maritza Davila

"To be honest. I think that Maritza Davila was a new upcoming leader in the community, who didn't necessarily have a name just yet prior to this election. She had just become district leader maybe less than a couple of months, or a year prior to the election."

"I think the council member (Diana Reyna) was more running against Vito Lopez, and his backing and we're talking about the base of Vito Lopez vs. the base of Diana Reyna, and that was what was the true fight was, and I think since then the council member didn't have any union support, very little union support, I don't want to say any because we had some unions that did side with us, and did stand along side us like the UFT from the beginning, but then there was other unions that didn't."

"She also (Diana Reyna) didn't have any political support. Even strong Dominican allies, you would think were Dominican allies from Northern Manhattan came out to stand against the council member, and not only stay out of it. But, actually endorse the other candidate. We also ran against the WFP, who thought that Maritza was the more progressive candidate."

"Those are obstacles, that even as an incumbent, it would be hard to defeat."

"We also have the fact that their camp, whether it's final or not, real, or whatever it is the media really has gone after Vito Lopez in regards to the issue that he's had with Ridgewood Bushwick. These are items that weren't evident, or weren't publicized prior to when we were running this information. I think it's important, because the community is getting to see a different side of the representative, that we've had as an assembly member for the last 26, 27 years, and that's another thing I think that a lot of eyes are opening. I think educating our community and making sure that we give them as much information as possible regarding candidates is important."

"I was the campaign manager to council member Reyna. I know where the weak spots are, I know where the strong spots are."

"Maritza Davila has been absent the last two years. I haven't seen her necessarily. She might have come to a couple of meetings here and there, but overall we really haven't seen her. So, the community is not blind to that."


"It looks like the assembly member (Vito Lopez) is looking to lose portions of the south side where he hasn't been as strong as before. He's also looking to cut a large NYCHA development in Cooper Park that is looking for him to support them. But those are locations that he's looking to cut, because he wants to strengthen his position and redistricting is going to work the same for me."

Jason Otano

"The difference between Jason, and myself is the fact, that I have the experience. Not only, as a Chief of Staff to the local council member of the local district. But, it's also that as a community resident, I have been here my entire life, I know what moves and shakes in this community, I have the pulse of this community."

"I went to these schools. These are the schools that I went to, that experience he can't duplicate here, and I think that he's a smart individual, but that doesn't necessarily make you the best candidate."


"I think that it's the usual right. I think if he goes after MirRam, he's actually, that's another contrast that I could make with him. At the end of the day, these powerful organizations that do this work, and are connected politically could be important, but I'm going to win with my people."

"I'm looking to hire Red Horse Strategies. Red Horse helped the council member, and her campaign 2 1/2 years ago and they understand, what it is to knock on doors. It's about the ground, it's about the troops, it's about getting your people out."

"They also have their political ties (Red Horse Strategies), they also know what it's like to run here. The council member wouldn't have won without them. It's about putting your boots to the ground, and that's what they're about. It's not just the glamour."

New Kings Democrats

"I'm actually a founding member of New Kings Democrats. They came to the council members office with just an idea. Reform is direly needed in this county. I expect that the New Kings Democrats will be endorsing me."


"I expect to get to the max 160 thousand dollars, that's allowable if you get matching funds. My target is 160 thousand dollars."

Curtis Sliwa on THE PEREZ NOTES

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Does Cuomo prefer a Republican State Senate? El Diario La Prensa

The old adage, that politics makes strange bedfellows seems to be ringing true in Albany when it comes to redistricting rumors abound, that Governor Cuomo would prefer that the state Senate remain in the hands of the Republicans, instead of his own Democratic Party, and that ultimately he's not going to veto the maps submitted by the Republicans, which benefits the GOP. If he vetoes the lines which is what the democratic caucus wants, and it goes to the courts, the process favors democrats.

Sources involved in the discussions, say they expect Cuomo to send Republicans back to the drawing board, to come up with maps that are less partisan that he can sign, with the promise that he will push to reform the process for 2022, which would make him the hero.

Several people involved in discussions agreed that the Governor prefers a Democratic Assembly and Republican Senate to solidify the perception that he is a Governor who has the power to achieve results with a divided legislature, to further enhance his national profile for a possible presidential run in the future, and lastly by helping Republicans maintain their majority, he can use this as leverage against them when he needs votes for his agenda.

In this campaign for new electoral maps, the Democrats have to contend with dissent within their own ranks. The Independent Democratic Caucus, the renegade group of legislators which consists of Senators Klein, Savino, Valesky, and Carlucci, who employ the same tactics used by the now defunct 4 amigos (which consisted of former Senators Hiram Monserrate, Pedro Espada, Carl Kruger and current Senator Ruben Diaz), is said to be making pacts with Republicans in hopes of protecting their own districts and to further erode the power of their enemy Senate minority leader John Sampson.

Democrats are pushing Cuomo to veto the lines and are ready to go to court over the 63rd senate seat proposed by Republicans. This is just beginning, according to my sources.

Cuomo favorecería un Senado republicano

POR: Roberto Pérez | 02/01/2012 | El Diario

En la política, intereses individuales pueden dar pie a combinaciones insólitas. En Albany corren rumores de que el Gobernador Cuomo prefiere que el Senado estatal esté controlado por los republicanos, en lugar de su propio Partido Demócrata, y que por eso no va a vetar la propuesta de redistribución de distritos que presentaron los republicanos, las cual beneficia al GOP. Lo que pasa, dicen, es que si veta el plan, como quieren el caucus democrático, la cosa se va a la corte lo que igual posiblemente termine beneficiando a los demócratas.

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