Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lets Make A Deal in the 7th CD El Diario NY

Roberto Pérez | 11/14/2012 | El Diario

There is currently a very crowded field of candidates looking to replace Councilman Robert Jackson when his term ends. Among the names: activist Zead Ramadan, Cheryl Pahaham, and District Leader Marisol Alcantara. But wait, there are more: Corey Ortega from the office of County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright, Congressman Charles Rangel’s staffer Socrates Solano, District Leader Mark Levine, former District Leader April Tyler, District Leader Manny De Los Santos, and Carlos Rodriguez, the brother of Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez.

The person who receives the blessing of the Northern Manhattan political machine stands a good chance of winning the seat. The favorite is Levine, who to my understanding is waiting for the final redistricting lines to come out to see if he was put back in the 7th CD.

It is my understanding that a deal between Levine and State Senator Adriano Espaillat has already been cut. The word on the street is that those two have made so many backroom deals that Espaillat should consider changing his name to Monty Hall, host of the '70’s game show "Let's Make a Deal."

If Levine is out, then the options left for the Espaillat camp are either Manny De Los Santos and Marisol Alcantara. The latter could appeal to Espaillat for support on the grounds that she helped him in his bid for congress, that is, while he and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez did nothing to help her when she ran for District Leader against the Harlem machine. However, Carlos Rodriguez is waiting in the wings if certain people don't step up.

Another thing that Espaillat has to keep in mind: if Levine is somehow drawn into the 7th CD and he backs him, the senator would be wide open to criticism. During Espaillat's challenge to Rangel, his camp smeared Assemblyman Guillermo Linares with the traitor label for his alliance with the veteran congressman. So if he turns around now and supports Levine over a Dominican, he’ll be viewed as a hypocrite.

It will be interesting to see who the Harlem machine endorses. It is no secret that County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright is no fan of Alcantara, who has proven to be a thorn in his side. His staffer Ortega rubs Espaillat’s crew the wrong way.

Rangel staffer Socrates Solano has been quietly making the rounds and is widely respected by all sides, so lets see. Zead Ramadan is also formidable. April Tyler would face an uphill battle getting support, on the grounds that she was badly beaten by Alcantara in their district leader battle. But you never know.