Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who's Behind Manny Tavarez Vs. Gustavo Rivera? El Diario La Prensa

POR: Roberto Pérez | 05/02/2012 | El Diario

On Monday, I spoke to Manny Tavarez, the mysterious candidate who is running against Sen. Gustavo Rivera, he finally spoke publicly about his campaign.

I asked Manny to set the record straight and tell me what the facts are.

The first rumor I heard is that his campaign had the support of Bronx activist Hector Ramirez.

According to a biography that Tavarez sent me, he worked on Ramirez's campaign for State Assembly against Nelson Castro in 2010.

Manny said, "Hector Ramirez is an old friend, but he is not behind my campaign."

Another rumor is that Tavarez has the backing of the Bronx Democratic Party via council member and Pastor Fernando Cabrera, whose congregation Tavarez is a member of.

Manny also denied this. "I am a member of his church, but he is not behind my candidacy."

Another person who might be supporting Tavarez is state Sen. Jeff Klein, who my sources tell me was trying to recruit a candidate to run against Rivera.

But Tavarez also denied this. He said he knows who Klein is, but he has nothing to do with his campaign.

That leaves us with the last rumor, which is that Tavarez is secretly being backed by Congressman Charles Rangel and his allies.

About the same time that Senator Rivera threw his support behind Sen. Adriano Espaillat against Rangel, Tavarez opened his campaign committee.

I asked Tavarez, who is Dominican, who he supported Rangel or Espaillat,: "I support Congressman Rangel 100%. The Dominican community here in the Bronx supports him as well."

Tavarez said he definitely will try to oust Rivera, and that he has people who are going to help him do it, but he declined to give their names.

A source in Senator Rivera's camp suspect's that Tavarez could be supported by Rangel allies to minimize Rivera's ability to help Espaillat. "If Gustavo has to concentrate on his own re-election campaign he can't be out there helping Adriano".


I spoke to Hector Ramirez he said that he knows Manny very well, but he has nothing to do with his campaign, and that he can't prevent anyone from running for office, who chooses to do so. He also stated, that he is supporting Congressman Rangel over Sen. Adriano Espaillat.

Here is the bio Tavarez sent me.

Manny Tavarez was born in Rochester, New York on April 26, 1979, to parents from the
Dominican Republic, and was raised in the South Bronx section of the Bronx. Tavarez’s faith in America’s promise was shaped early on by his two immigrant parents, who devoted themselves to ensure that Tavarez and his siblings had opportunities that they never had.

Tavarez attended South Bronx High School, excelling in baseball and graduating in 1998. He attended Barry University in Miami, Florida, graduating in 2004 with a bachelor of science in Sports Management. There, Tavarez’s reputation soared among professors as he was consistently ranked in the top percent of his class.

Shortly after graduating from Barry University, Tavarez founded a Sports Representation firm wherein he negotiated sports contracts and developed baseball academies in the Dominican Republic. Tavarez later went on to work for one of the premier Sports Representation firms in the United States, where he represented Major League Baseball Players, among other athletes.

Tavarez has planned and orchestrated multiple voter registration drives and other related communal activities with former New York State 86 Assembly District Leader, Hector Ramirez. In 2009, Tavarez participated in the successful campaign of New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera. And in 2010, oversaw the campaign headquarters of the Hector Ramirez campaign for the New York State 86 Assembly. In addition, Tavarez has contributed to dozens of charities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

As a life-long resident of the Bronx, Tavarez has a deep belief in the goodness and spirit of the diverse men and women who make up The Bronx. He will undoubtedly use his professional skills to help improve the quality of life of his constituents, as well as utilize his platform to voice their concerns.

Above all his accomplishments, Tavarez is most proud and grateful for his family. In his spare time, Tavarez enjoys international travel, Latin jazz and baseball.

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