Sunday, March 25, 2012

Danny Figueroa on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, State Assembly candidate for the 87th AD Danny Figueroa. Here are some of Danny's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Peter Rivera

"Once we lost our District Leader Kenneth Padilla who was always a friend, and an hermano y familia. I offered to him, and we as a campaign looking at the future said well you could always run again, when Peter runs again, he thought that he may not be interested, he wasn't sure. That being the case, I been around Peter for 20 years lived in this district for 25 years, been employed as Chief of Staff for 9 years, worked for the assembly for 11 years. With my experience, I thought that maybe, I would take a crack at something, so that if we're losing some of our more experienced people I may wanna run, so the rumor that I was interested in the district leadership is true, and in fact, I have filed for district leader, and for assembly. But, I've done that only because I'm loyal, Peter is running for surrogate court, he applied, he interviewed, and that is where his heart is right now."

Ruben Diaz Sr.

"Until last year, we carried on our petitions as our senatorial candidate the Reverend Senator Ruben Diaz. He has always appeared on our petitions, and we have always supported his candidacy in the 76th AD until last year. Last year, he endorsed a candidate against Assemblyman Peter Rivera, and because he endorsed another candidate, there was a competitive nature to our relationship in so far as I'm concerned, Senator Diaz is my senator, and I don't agree with many of his positions, but the bottom line is that all of your opponents are not your enemies, but all of your enemies are your opponents."

"But, in the 76th AD, I don't think it's necessary that we have the senator as the district leader."

"I would be willing to run against Ruben Diaz, the Reverend Ruben Diaz as district leader, not as senator."

Luis Sepulveda

"When people say that I'm an intangible is one thing, but when they say that I can be beat, and that Sepulveda is gonna you know wipe the floor with me so to speak, which is what you're insinuating, or actually said then yeah it saddens me, because I've given a lot of my own personal time to empowering a community not promoting Danny Figueroa."

"I am this community, and if people give me a chance, not only will I give Mr. Sepulveda a run for his money, I'm gonna spank that boy."

"He ran a spirited campaign, but at the end of the day, this is politics that man lost, and the man lost maybe not by a lot, but he lost by enough votes, that if any of Peter's votes transfer to me Mr. Sepulveda will be beat again."