Saturday, February 25, 2012

Olanike Alabi on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, State Assembly candidate for the 57th AD Olanike Alabi. Here are some of Ola's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Congressional Race in the 10th CD

"I've actually had several of the candidates express support for me. At least two of them. I've had two of them express support for me."

"I'm still meeting with the candidates who are interested. Let me be very clear with you, when I say they've expressed support for me, meaning my candidacy, and they thought that it would be good for the district. But in terms of having a formal sit down, I'm still going through that process, so nothing has been finalized as of yet."


"We're not concerned about money, because I'm also clear that it's your service that also plays a huge part in it. As of right now, I'm pretty confident that we're gonna reach it, if not exceed it."

Vito Lopez

"I'm not always on his side on issues, and he's not always on my side. It is clearly a political love hate relationship."

Hakeem Jeffries

"We've had our differences. I think it's fair to say, that it's a civil relationship."

Ed Towns

"Congressman Towns has been very supportive of me. He has been favorable towards my candidacy. He's indicated an interest in wanting to sit down."


"Ronnie Syskes with Syskes Global Communications. The Balducci Group, Lynch and Associates they have both reached out to me, and we intend to make a decision real soon."


"I've only gotten an endorsement thus far from one union the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association. When 1199, and all the other unions open up their process, I intend to submit, and make my candidacy known in terms of the formal process like anyone else, and move from there. Essentially, no assumptions can be made."