Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marisol Alcantara Vs. Keith Wright

My sources are telling me, that under the proposed assembly lines, newly elected Female District Leader for the 70th AD in West Harlem Marisol Alcantara, has been drawn out of the district. Alcantara assumed the post by defeating long time District Leader, and Keith Wright ally April Tyler by a land slide.

But, since her victory. Alcantara, I'm hearing has been nothing but marginalized by the county leadership. One example that was given to me, is that Alcantara as promised never received access to the West Harlem Independent Club which is her right as District Leader.

Another thing that is too coincidental, is that it was only her block, not even her street which was drawn out of the district and placed in the 71st AD which is Assemblyman Herman Denny Farrell's district.

With no where to go in the 71st AD. This automatically pits Alcantara, against long time District Leader Maria Luna. I'm hearing that Luna placed a call to County Leader Assemblyman Keith Wright to find out why this was done, but did not receive a response. Another source told me that Alcantara met with Wright, and that the County Leader did not give a clear answer, as to why this happened. Another rumor that is circulating is that April Tyler wants to run for the post again, and Alcantara was drawn out to create an easier path to victory for Tyler.

I'm hearing, that those in the community that helped elect Alcantara are upset by what happened, and are writing letters to Wright, and are even planning a protest. Alcantara, has never been one to back away from a fight, so expect this thing to heat up.