Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is Peter Rivera Stepping Down?

I'm hearing, that Assemblyman Peter Rivera is looking to leave the Assembly, and submitted papers for a position on the surrogate court, and has already interviewed for a position.

This set's up a fight for his seat, which pits his long time Chief of Staff Danny Figueroa against the very formidable Luis Sepulveda who got 44% of the vote to Rivera's 57% in their last race.

Initially, I was hearing that Figueroa would challenge State Senator Ruben Diaz for the Male District Leader post. Now, because of the latest developments. He is positioning himself to run for the Assembly seat.

Sepulveda according to my sources, has been campaigning since the day after his loss to Rivera, and most predict an easy victory against Figueroa, but Figueroa cannot be counted out because of his long ties to the district by virtue of being by Peter Rivera's side for the last twenty years.

Sepulveda has his own Rabbi in State Senator Ruben Diaz, so this should get very interesting, when and if Rivera steps down.