Thursday, February 2, 2012

Antonio Reynoso on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, City Council candidate for the 34th CD Antonio Reynoso. Here are some of Antonio's views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Maritza Davila

"To be honest. I think that Maritza Davila was a new upcoming leader in the community, who didn't necessarily have a name just yet prior to this election. She had just become district leader maybe less than a couple of months, or a year prior to the election."

"I think the council member (Diana Reyna) was more running against Vito Lopez, and his backing and we're talking about the base of Vito Lopez vs. the base of Diana Reyna, and that was what was the true fight was, and I think since then the council member didn't have any union support, very little union support, I don't want to say any because we had some unions that did side with us, and did stand along side us like the UFT from the beginning, but then there was other unions that didn't."

"She also (Diana Reyna) didn't have any political support. Even strong Dominican allies, you would think were Dominican allies from Northern Manhattan came out to stand against the council member, and not only stay out of it. But, actually endorse the other candidate. We also ran against the WFP, who thought that Maritza was the more progressive candidate."

"Those are obstacles, that even as an incumbent, it would be hard to defeat."

"We also have the fact that their camp, whether it's final or not, real, or whatever it is the media really has gone after Vito Lopez in regards to the issue that he's had with Ridgewood Bushwick. These are items that weren't evident, or weren't publicized prior to when we were running this information. I think it's important, because the community is getting to see a different side of the representative, that we've had as an assembly member for the last 26, 27 years, and that's another thing I think that a lot of eyes are opening. I think educating our community and making sure that we give them as much information as possible regarding candidates is important."

"I was the campaign manager to council member Reyna. I know where the weak spots are, I know where the strong spots are."

"Maritza Davila has been absent the last two years. I haven't seen her necessarily. She might have come to a couple of meetings here and there, but overall we really haven't seen her. So, the community is not blind to that."


"It looks like the assembly member (Vito Lopez) is looking to lose portions of the south side where he hasn't been as strong as before. He's also looking to cut a large NYCHA development in Cooper Park that is looking for him to support them. But those are locations that he's looking to cut, because he wants to strengthen his position and redistricting is going to work the same for me."

Jason Otano

"The difference between Jason, and myself is the fact, that I have the experience. Not only, as a Chief of Staff to the local council member of the local district. But, it's also that as a community resident, I have been here my entire life, I know what moves and shakes in this community, I have the pulse of this community."

"I went to these schools. These are the schools that I went to, that experience he can't duplicate here, and I think that he's a smart individual, but that doesn't necessarily make you the best candidate."


"I think that it's the usual right. I think if he goes after MirRam, he's actually, that's another contrast that I could make with him. At the end of the day, these powerful organizations that do this work, and are connected politically could be important, but I'm going to win with my people."

"I'm looking to hire Red Horse Strategies. Red Horse helped the council member, and her campaign 2 1/2 years ago and they understand, what it is to knock on doors. It's about the ground, it's about the troops, it's about getting your people out."

"They also have their political ties (Red Horse Strategies), they also know what it's like to run here. The council member wouldn't have won without them. It's about putting your boots to the ground, and that's what they're about. It's not just the glamour."

New Kings Democrats

"I'm actually a founding member of New Kings Democrats. They came to the council members office with just an idea. Reform is direly needed in this county. I expect that the New Kings Democrats will be endorsing me."


"I expect to get to the max 160 thousand dollars, that's allowable if you get matching funds. My target is 160 thousand dollars."