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Lucha étnica por presidencia de Queens - El Diario La Prensa NY - noticias de Nueva York -

Lucha étnica por presidencia de Queens - El Diario La Prensa NY - noticias de Nueva York -

Sigue creciendo la lista de aspirantes para reemplazar a la presidenta de Queens, Helen Marshal, en 2013.
Agregue a la asambleísta Grace Meng a la lista de posibles aspirantes, hasta ahora compuesta por los concejales Peter Vallone Jr. y Leroy Comrie, y el senador estatal José Peralta.

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Grace Meng Queens Borough President? El Diario La Prensa

Grace Meng Queens Borough President?

Roberto Perez |2011-12-28| El Diario NY

The list of candidates looking to replace Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall, in 2013 continues to grow.

Add Assemblywoman Grace Meng to the list of potential candidates that so far includes Council Members Peter Vallone Jr. and Leroy Comrie, and State Senator Jose Peralta.

Meng's entry to the contest adds a female and an Asian to the race which could include a Hispanic (Peralta) and an African American (Comrie). This would make Vallone the only white candidate, which could give him an advantage.

Things are beginning to heat up in Queens, the most diverse county in the city, which has a population that is 27.6% of white, 17.7% African American, 22% Asian and 26.9% Hispanic.

The perception is that Peralta would be most affected by the possible entry of Meng. At least that's what my sources tell me.

Dilan Vs. Velázquez (continued)

Councilman Erik Dilan is getting closer to a possible campaign against Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez.

Consultant Michael Olmeda and Assemblyman Rafael Espinal, both allies of the Dilan family, alluded to this in their year-end predictions. A person close to the councilman said he definitely wants to run but has yet to form a committee. Another expert said that all this could be a ploy by the Dilan's to prevent Wilfredo Larancuent from running against Senator Martin Dilan. In other words, if Velázquez dares to back another candidate against them (Jesus Gonzalez), she will face a primary.

A Latino district

Two prominent Dominican politicos are satisfied with the proposed congressional map that would create a new Latino district. The district would include portions of the assembly areas represented by Guillermo Linares, Nelson Castro, Michael Benedetto, Peter Rivera, Naomi Rivera, Jose Rivera, Vanessa Gibson and Eric Stevenson. 80% of this new district would be in the Bronx. Under this scenario, Congressman Joe Crowley's district would no longer include the Bronx, and the district of Congressman Jose Serrano is redrawn to include parts of Jose Peralta Senate district in Queens. The question is: which Democrat falls on the sword? Remember that New York will lose two congressional seats next year. Furthermore, all this may be wishful thinking because Governor Cuomo promised he would veto any proposal that was not created by an independent commission.

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Predicciones políticas para 2012, según los jugadores - El Diario La Prensa NY - noticias de Nueva York -

Predicciones políticas para 2012, según los jugadores - El Diario La Prensa NY - noticias de Nueva York -

Con el nuevo año a la vuelta de la esquina, decidí preguntarles a funcionarios electos y consultores políticos sobre sus predicciones para 2012. Algunos fueron más serios que otros, pero en general todos fueron muy dispuestos a compartir sus ideas para el año que viene. Juzgue usted mismo:

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Political predictions for 2012, according to the players El Diario La Prensa

Roberto Perez |2011-12-21| El Diario NY

With the new year just around the corner, I decided to ask elected officials and political consultants what their predictions were for 2012. Some were more serious than others, but overall everyone was very willing to share their ideas for next year. Judge for yourself:

Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. “The Bronx economy will continue to grow as will the number of Yankee championships.”

Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz. “The state budget will be passed on time under Governor Cuomo’s outstanding leadership.”

Assemblyman Carl Heastie. “Obama will win by a bigger margin than in 08.”

Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito. “In 2012 I predict Fortuno fuera!! and that NYC will see the passage of the living wage despite the odds. The momentum is just growing exponentially and in a way many did not predict, speaking of predictions.!”

Assemblyman Mike DenDekker. “Barack Obama gets reelected by a landslide.”

Assemblyman Francisco Moya. “We will pass the DREAM ACT legislation in new york state and FC Barcelona the greatest soccer club in the world will once again reign European Champions and Assemblyman Mike DenDekker will be nominated for an Emmy for his on screen role as a blackjack dealer in the TV series Pan Am.”

Assemblyman Guillermo Linares. “We will pass the new york state DREAM ACT.”

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. “We will elect State Senator Adriano Espaillat to congress and Occupy Wall Street will go down in history as one of the most effective peaceful movements in decades. ”

Councilman Jimmy Vacca. “I will go against current thinking and predict that the Democrats will keep control of the US Senate and regain control of congress.”

Consultant Pat Jenkins. “Now that the Iraq war is over Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, will be tried for war crimes for torture and lying about WMD’s. And I predict a miracle season from the Mets World Series here we come.”

State Senator Jose Peralta. “Albany will have another on time budget, which will make it 2 years in a row.”

State Senator Martin Dilan. ”With an energized base Senate Democrats will win the necessary seats and following the return of the Independent Democratic caucus into the fold, we will retake the Senate majority.”

State Senator Adriano Espaillat. “In new york there will be a new Latino congressional seat.”

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo. “NYC will pass a Living Wage bill.”

Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson. “Member Items will be included in the state budget.”

Consultant Hank Sheinkopf. “Barack Obama will be reelected.”

State Senator Gustavo Rivera. “I predict... I will have several new democratic colleagues in the New York State Senate.The Occupy Wall Street movement will stay strong and continue to influence national dialogue on issues of economic inequality.”

Councilman Danny Dromm. “Both major Party presidential candidates will heavily court the Latino vote which will be the crucial factor in determining who will be the next president of the United States.”

Assemblyman Rafael Espinal. “We will have a new member of congress representing the 54th AD.”

Assemblyman Nelson Castro. “We will provide the proper funding for education in the fiscal year 2012-13. Funding for the Campaign for Fiscal Equity.”

Consultant Michael Olmeda. “Nydia Velazquez will retire back to Puerto Rico on 12-31-2012. She can now spend the millions she’s accumulated in her 20 yrs. of service.”

Adam Clayton Powell IV. “Bloomberg will not finish his 3rd term. He will be indicted and sent to jail and Bill Thompson will win the special election for Mayor.”

Councilman Fernando Cabrera. “In 2012, the State Legislature will pass a bill changing the Education Law to allow churches fair access to schools in the same manner that any other community organization does. It will be the year of equal access.”

Councilwoman Rosie Mendez. "Bloomberg will make a run for the presidency, though unclear with what political party he will be enrolled in."

Carlo Scissura Senior Advisor to Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz. “Albany redistricting will be as partisan as it has ever been.”

NILP President Angelo Falcon. “I predict that in the future the meetings of Somos El Futuro will have to be held in prison.”

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Mike DenDekker on THE PEREZ NOTES

Marty Markowitz on THE PEREZ NOTES Part 2.

I had the opportunity to interview, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Here are some of his views, on the issues of the day. Below the quotes, is the audio of the interview.

Tax Reform Plan

"I've would've like to see a special tax on those that are more affluent wealthier people, even though the tax that we seek from them would've been a modest increase. It would've helped out the economy tremendously the state budget and it would've had no impact on their personal lives believe me."

Outer Borough Taxi Medallions

"I'm borough president ten years, we have not received one complaint from the public saying they can't hail a cab in Brooklyn."

Atlantic Yards

"If the folks that opposed this, hadn't tied the project up for 7 years in litigation Atlantic Yards a good piece of it would've built. The affordable housing would've been on it's way. The Nets would be playing in the arena and defeating the Manhattan Knicks."

"The folks that were impacted by eminent domain, overwhelmingly most of them did very well. The folks that are the loudest complainers, folks could argue are the gentrifiers."

"I have significant reservations about permit parking, about resident parking only, I don't think it could work."

Living Wage

"If I was a city council member and had a vote on it, something tells me I wouldn't vote positive on it."


"I am not philosophically opposed to Walmart, from everything we've reviewed so far, their pay scheduling structure is pretty much in line with the other big stores. People in Brooklyn are already shopping in Walmart."

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Carl Heastie on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity, to conduct a brief interview with Bronx Democratic Party Chairman Assemblyman Carl Heastie. We were in a crowded area, so the quality of the audio is poor, so please bear with it. We discussed, the Governor Cuomo's taxi summit and the tax reform legislation that was recently passed.

Taxi Summit

"The Governor has until December 21st to decide whether, or not to veto this bill, and I'm hoping that even after today's taxi summit that we'll be able to come to some resolution before the 21st. It means a lot to the drivers who live in an underground industry to bring them into the light."

Tax Reform Legislation

"I think it brought some fairness back. But more importantly, it made the state some revenue that we needed since we are facing a 3 1/2 billion dollar budget deficit and it also on the Governors part, it allowed us to recognize, that to go back to a flat tax in the state is not a progressive way of thinking."

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Por qué Cuomo rechaza ayudar a taxistas sin medallón? El Diario La Prensa

Por qué Cuomo rechaza ayudar a taxistas sin medallón

Roberto Perez | 2011-12-14 | El Diario NY

El gobernador Andrew Cuomo tiene al borde de los nervios a miles de taxistas sin medallón de la ciudad. A menos de 10 días de la fecha plazo, Cuomo rehúsa firmar una propuesta de ley que les permitiría recoger pasajeros en la calle. Los rumores sobre por qué Cuomo dejaría morir esta ley abundan.

Le pregunté a varios funcionarios electos latinos y 'operadores' involucrado en las discusiones sobre los cambios en esta industria de fuerte presencia latina.

Las reacciones van desde total optimismo hasta el desconsuelo.

El concejal Ydanis Rodríguez no pierde la fe. “Estoy optimista de que firmará una ley que beneficie a todos los sectores”, dijo, agregando que el proyecto de ley que le gustaría firmar incluiría la creación de un nuevo medallón, más económico que no coste más de $10,000.

El asambleísta Marcos Crespo siente que el gobernador debe actuar ahora. “Después de tanto debate y negociaciones con todas las partes de la industria, éste momento es el momento para que el gobernador firme esta ley. Todas las preocupaciones han sido discutidas y consideradas”.

Varios "operadores" políticos que acordaron hablar en condición de anonimato por temor a ofender al gobernador, dijero que todo el asunto de darle acceso a las personas invalidas no era más que una cortina de humo, y que el Gobernador no ha firmado la ley porque su padre, el ex gobernador Mario Cuomo, es miembro de la junta directiva de uno de los principales firmas financieras detrás de la industria de los taxis amarillos --los supuestos dolientes en esta batalla
"Si no puedes persuadir a tu propio hijo, entonces a quien?", se pregunta una fuente.

Otros dicen que el Gobernador nunca tuvo la intención de firmar la ley. La prueba, argumenta un fuente, está en que no la firma ni siquiera después de todos los cambios que la Ciudad le ha hecho a la ley.

También hay quienes le echan la culpa al alcalde Bloomberg, el promotor de la ley, porque una vez que el proyecto fue firmado por la legislatura estatal al final de junio el Alcalde dejó de hacerle presión al Gobernador. Y hay quienes creen que Cuomo sigue creando excusas para no firmarla, la última siendo que no la incluyera en la sesión especial de la semana pasada para darle prioridad la reforma de impuestos.

Pero con el tiempo a cuentagotas, la esperanza sigue viva. El asambleísta Guillermo Linares, uno de los principales jugadores en esta batalla, espera que Cuomo le de su visto bueno después de "los esfuerzos que hemos hecho para resolver los puntos que le preocupan".

Why is Cuomo refusing to help non medallion taxi drivers? El Diario La Prensa

Why is Cuomo refusing to help non medallion taxi drivers?

Roberto Perez | 2011-12-14 | El Diario NY

Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting on the nerves of thousands of non medallion drivers in the city. With less than 10 days remaining, Cuomo refuses to sign a bill that would allow them to pick up passengers on the street. The rumors as to why Cuomo would let this legislation die abound.

I asked a number of Latino elected officials and 'operatives' involved in the discussions about the changes in the industry with a strong Latino presence.

Reactions range from total optimism to despair.

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez has not lost faith. "I'm optimistic that he will sign a bill that benefits all sectors," he said, adding that the bill I would like to see signed would include the creation of a new medallion, with a cost of no more than $ 10,000.

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo feels that the governor must act now. "After much debate and negotiations with all parties in the industry right now is the time for the governor to sign this law. All concerns have been discussed and considered."

A number of "insiders" who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity for fear of offending the governor, said that the whole issue of giving access to the disabled was merely a smokescreen, and that the Governor has not signed the law because his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, is a member of the board of a major financier of the yellow taxi industry - the supposed mourners in this battle "If you cant lobby your own son, then who can you lobby?" Asks one source.

Others say that the governor never intended to sign the bill. The test, a source argues, is not signing even after all the changes that the City has made to the law, and not including it in last weeks special session.

Still others blame Mayor Bloomberg, the promoter of the law, because once the law was passed by the state legislature at the end of June, the Mayor failed to put pressure on the Governor.

But, the hope still lives on. Assemblyman Guillermo Linares, a major player in this battle, hopes that Cuomo gives it his approval after all."I'm still hopeful that he will sign this into law, with the efforts we made with him to address concerns he raised regarding the current bill."

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Jeff Merritt on THE PEREZ NOTES

This is an interview, I conducted with Jeff Merritt who is a Senior Advisor at the Office of the New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. I conducted this interview, on July 16, 2008. This interview, is a part of THE PEREZ NOTES archives.

Grassroots Initiative is the nation's first (and only) non-profit election consulting firm. Founded in 2005 by Jeff Merritt, the public charity helps confront the causes and consequences of poverty, discrimination and inequality in New York's five boroughs by ensuring that public service and elected office is accessible, regardless of race, creed or economic status. The organization provides free technical assistance, trainings and election consulting for prospective candidates (regardless of political affiliation) and offers publicly-subsidized campaign materials to help lower the financial barriers to running for office. These services are complemented by year-round public awareness campaigns to encourage new candidates in marginalized and underrepresented communities, as well as a collection of resources to assist newly-elected officials.
Among its early successes, Grassroots Initiative facilitated the election the first Sikhs in New York City in 2006, opening new doors of opportunity for one of the city's most misunderstood immigrant communities. Eighty-five percent of candidates that Grassroots Initiative assisted in 2006 and 2007 had never run for office before; 96 percent of elected candidates were the first in their family to ever be elected to a political or public office.
Currently, Grassroots Initiative is working with more than 200 candidates in New York City. This includes candidates on every party line (Democratic, Republican, Independence, Working Families, and Conservative) and for every position up to Congress (County Committee, District Leader, State Committee, State Assembly, State Senate and U.S. House of Representatives). Without Grassroots Initiative's support, the majority of these candidates would likely not have the opportunity to seek elected office. In addition to its work with community leaders and candidates, Grassroots Initiative provides on-going assistance to more than two dozen community organizations and civic groups in all five boroughs to help these groups enhance their voice in public affairs.

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NAACP President Ben Jealous on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview, NAACP President Ben Jealous. We discussed the NAACP's report.“Defending Democracy: Confronting Modern Barriers to Voting Rights in America.” This report details the systemic effort by conservatives, to restrict the number of minority voters this election.

President and CEO

Benjamin Todd Jealous grew up believing that there was no higher calling than to further the cause of freedom in this country and in the world. It is a mindset he inherited from of his parents and grandparents. Their drive for community betterment blazed the trail for Jealous' own deep commitment to social justice, public service and human rights activism. Now, as the 17th President and Chief Executive Officer of the NAACP, and the youngest person to hold the position in the organization's nearly 100-year history, Jealous is well positioned to answer the call.

During his career, he has served as president of the Rosenberg Foundation, director of the U.S. Human Rights Program at Amnesty International and Executive Director of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), a federation of more than 200 black community newspapers. From his early days of organizing voter registration drives up until his nomination and election as NAACP president, Jealous has been motivated by civic duty and a constant need to improve the lives of America's underrepresented. All things considered, Jealous' leadership roles and active community involvement have well prepared him for his current duties as president of the NAACP. In fact, his path through journalism and the Black Press is not unlike several other former NAACP presidents, including Roy Wilkins, Walter White, Ida B. Wells and W.E.B. Dubois.

As a student at Columbia University, he worked in Harlem as a community organizer for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. On campus, Jealous led school-wide movements, including boycotts and pickets for homeless rights, a successful campaign to save full-need financial aid and need-blind admissions when other national universities were cutting such programs, and an environmental justice battle with the University.

These protests ultimately led to the suspension of Jealous and three other student leaders. Jealous used this time off to work as a field organizer helping to lead a campaign that prevented the State of Mississippi from closing two of its three public historically black universities, and converting one of them into a prison. He remained in Mississippi to take a job at the Jackson Advocate, an African American newspaper based in the state's capital. His reporting -- for the frequently firebombed weekly -- was credited with exposing corruption amongst high-ranking officials at the state prison in Parchman. His investigations also helped to acquit a small black farmer who had been wrongfully and maliciously accused of arson. His work at the Jackson Advocate eventually lead to his promotion to Managing Editor.

In 1997, Jealous returned to Columbia University and completed his degree in political science. With the encouragement of mentors, he applied and was accepted to Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar where he earned a master's degree in comparative social research.
Jealous eventually went on to serve as Executive Director of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA). While at the NNPA, he rebuilt its 90-year old national news service and launched a web-based initiative that more than doubled the number of black newspapers publishing online.

Most recently, Jealous was President of the Rosenberg Foundation, a private independent institution that funds civil and human rights advocacy to benefit California's working families. Prior to that, he was Director of the U.S. Human Rights Program at Amnesty International. While there he led efforts to pass federal legislation against prison rape, rebuild public consensus against racial profiling in the wake of the September 2001 terrorist attacks, and expose the widespread sentencing of children to life without the possibility of parole.

Active in civic life, Jealous is a board member of the California Council for the Humanities, and the Association of Black Foundation Executives, as well as a member of the Asia Society. He is married to Lia Epperson Jealous, a professor of constitutional law and former civil rights litigator with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. They presently reside in Washington, DC with their young daughter.

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Anthony Miranda insistirá por puesto en Queens - El Diario La Prensa NY - noticias de Nueva York -

Anthony Miranda insistirá por puesto en Queens - El Diario La Prensa NY - noticias de Nueva York -

Anthony Miranda, el jefe de la Asociación Nacional de Policías Latinos, está explorando volver a retar al asambleísta Jeff Aubry en las elecciones estatales del año que viene. Cuando intentó derrotarlo en 2010, Miranda obtuvo 37% de los votos. Audry ganó con el resto.
Miranda dice que la redistribución electoral del año que viene influirá en su decisión de lanzarse o no en contra de Aubry.

To read the rest of the column, please follow the link.

Miranda calls out Aubry El Diario La Prensa

Roberto Perez | 2011-12-07 | El Diario NY

Anthony Miranda, the head of the National Latino Officers Association is exploring running against Assemblyman Jeff Aubry again. When Miranda ran against Aubry in 2010, he received 37% of the vote to Aubry's 63%. Miranda says that redistricting will influence his decision."I expect that with redistricting, the percentage of Latino registered voters will increase by 15 to 20%." Miranda is referring to the 35th assembly district which is currently 46.4% Latino, and includes East Elmhurst, LeFrak City and parts of Corona.

Miranda, continues to be critical of Aubry."Jeff Aubry still has not hired a Latino in his office. He will decide if I run against him. If he continues to ignore the majority Latino community. He has to embrace the change and make us part of the team. In the last election, Aubry and the Queens machine pulled out all the political players against me."

In the meantime, Miranda has opened an office on 99th Street and Astoria Blvd, and is using the office to help people find jobs in the community."I'm finding jobs for people, not holding job fairs," said Miranda, adding that another one of his goals is to increase the electoral participation of Latinos. "I want to take the Latino vote from less than 1% to a significant number."

An article in City Hall News saying that Brooklyn union leader Wilfred Larancuent wants to unseat Senator Dilan. Got me curious, so I decided to investigate. A person in the Dilan camp, said that he was not ready to comment publicly on Larancuent, but that he took all opponents seriously. Anybody who gets on the field, has the potential to hit a home run said the source. He added that Larancuent, should not expect the same type of support, that Jesus Gonzalez received in his race in the 54th AD. Jesus ran in an off year, and Larancuent was running last election and didn't. The operative made it a point to say, that Senator Dilan was never contacted by City Hall News.

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Mayra Linares on THE PEREZ NOTES

This is an interview, I conducted with 72nd AD Part A. District Leader Mayra Linares, on November 21, 2007. This interview, is a part of THE PEREZ NOTES archives.

Mayra Linares appointed to serve as Citizen Services Representative at Department of State

Ms. Linares will be working primarily with intergovernmental affairs on Latino outreach. Before joining the Cuomo Administration, Ms. Linares was the Founder and President of The Maylin Group, Inc., a public relations firm that specialized in corporate/community partnerships. She has also served as a Democratic District Leader for the 72nd Assembly District since 2001. From 2001 to 2007, Ms. Linares was the Director of Community Relations at World Vision, Inc., an international relief agency, where she was responsible for cultivating partnerships and alliances between the New York operation of World Vision and their targeted constituencies, including community and faith-based organizations in the Bronx and Manhattan. In 1996, Ms. Linares was elected as a member of the Democratic County Committee, where she served for five years. In addition, she is an Executive Board Member of the Concerned Democratic Coalition of Northern Manhattan and was the recipient of the Coalition’s Community Service Award for Outstanding Leadership in 2007. Ms. Linares received her B.A. in Political Science from Marymount Manhattan College in 2001.

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Basil Smikle Jr. on THE PEREZ NOTES

This is an interview, I conducted with Consultant Basil Smikle Jr., on June 18, 2008. This interview, is a part of THE PEREZ NOTES archives.

Basil Smikle Jr. is a political and policy analyst recognized as a staunch advocate of public service and education equality. He is widely regarded as part of the next generation of leaders and was featured in the L.A. Times as “Harlem’s New Political Elite”. City Hall Magazine named him one of 50 rising stars in New York Politics in the first year the list was compiled.

An oft-quoted commentator, Basil has been featured on local and national television programs giving insights on politics, elections and government. Basil is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and City University of New York’s Murphy Institute for Professional Studies, and prides himself on training new leaders to tackle complex problems as young managers.

Most recently, Basil took a break from his political and public relations consulting firm to run for the New York State Senate representing Harlem, the Upper West Side, and Morningside Heights. Though unsuccessful, his campaign gained national attention in part because of his stance on reforms in education and government. Basil was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Amsterdam News and was part of a New York Magazine cover story on the next generation of African American leaders. The New York Daily News endorsed Basil, calling him a “fresh thinking…school reformer”. The New York Post “enthusiastically” endorsed as well saying “New York needs such vibrant leadership”.

Prior to running for office, Basil worked seven years at the firm he founded, Basil Smikle Associates, which provided political strategy and public relations consulting. His clients included the DNC, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, Senator Joe Lieberman, New York City School Chancellor Joel Klein and Microsoft. Ron Kirk, the former Mayor of Dallas and President Obama’s current US Trade Representative, noted that Basil can “negotiate the politics of any community and knows how to marry it with sound public policy”.

Before starting his own company, Basil was a top aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton when she became a US Senator after working on her historic campaign in 2000. He engaged elected officials, labor leaders and community organizations throughout the State and in Washington DC. Mrs. Clinton called Basil a “key advisor and tremendous public servant…who makes sure all voices are heard”.

In 1993, Basil graduated with a B.S. from Cornell University in Industrial and Labor Relations. During his years at Cornell, he worked at WVBR FM as an on-air radio personality. For four years, he produced his own show mixing music and talk segments to provide a forum on local and national issues. His work earned him an award from Cornell for Outstanding Community Service.

In 1996, he received a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. While there, he was awarded the Columbia University Departmental Fellowship and the Public Affairs Fellowship. As a student, his research allowed him the unique opportunity to co-author a welfare-to-work initiative currently operating in the City of Indianapolis; and consult on a project to improve efficiency among AIDS/HIV care providers in Philadelphia.

Basil spends a lot of time mentoring young people in schools across this City to promote public service and education. He participates in the Read-Aloud to Kids at a public school in Queens and started a literacy program for 5th graders there to help them become better writers and speakers. He worked with 100 Black Men to start the Eagle Academy in the Bronx and gives his time mentoring young men and women in schools throughout Harlem.

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THE PEREZ NOTES on Independent Sources

Episode Details

Original tape date: November 30, 2011.

On this edition of Independent Sources, we discuss the fall out from the scandal surrounding the City Time initiative that is hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. We profile one Latina who is influencing a whole generation of female politicians. We hear about the African Diaspora Film Festival. Then, we meet two immigrant women who've found kinship in the bruising arena of roller derby.

Guest List

Jeannice Angela Blocker/Jammer, Queens of Pain/Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Fernanda Correa Blocker, Queens of Pain/Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Adrienne Day Reporter, City Limits Magazine
Julissa Ferreras Council Member - Democrat, Council Member for the 21st District
Ruth Ford
Rodney Lee Film Director
Zenaida Mendez President, National Dominican Women's Caucus (NDWC)
Diarah N'Daw-Spech Co-Founder, African Diaspora Internatianal Film Festival (ADIFF)
Marlene Peralta Host/Producer, Independent Sources/Science & U!
Roberto Perez Host, "The Perez Notes," LaGuardia CC/CUNY
Garry Pierre-Pierre Producer/Co-Host, Independent Sources
Sandra Rothbard Independent Sources
Vianora Vinca Producer/Co-Host, Independent Sources