Friday, March 25, 2011

Bill Perkins on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity, to interview State Senator Bill Perkins, who represents the 30th SD. We discussed, the New York Dream Act bill, which he introduced, and what it entails. We also discussed the budget, rent protection laws, the millionaires tax, health care, ethic's reform, and the census.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rafael Espinal on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview Rafael Espinal, who is the Chief of Staff to Council-member Erik Dilan. We discussed, his run for the soon to be vacant, New York State Assembly seat in the 54th AD, and his platform. We also discussed, his background, the needs of the district, and how he feels about the Towns family decision, to back an independent candidate in Deidra Towns.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joe Crowley on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview Congressman Joe Crowley, who represents the 7Th CD. We discussed, redistricting, the bombings in Lybia, the Dream Act, and comprehensive immigration reform. We also discussed, the Tea Party, continuing resolutions in the budget fight, and the state of the Democratic Party on a national level.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fernando Cabrera on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity, to interview New York City Council member Fernando Cabrera, who represents the 14Th CD. We discussed, his tenants bill of rights legislation, rent protection laws, the closing of senior centers, and health care in the district. We also discussed, his vision for the Kings-bridge Armory.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I had the opportunity to interview New York City Council member Erik Dilan, who represents the 37th CD. We discussed the budget, Walmart, the millionaires tax, housing, ethics reform, and the race in the 54th AD.

Memorable Quotes:

On a Walmart survey he sent out to his constituents.
"Currently the results favor Walmart overwhelmingly."

I asked him to make a prediction on the Assembly, and District Leader positions in the 54th AD.
"If I were a betting man, I say we have Latino candidates."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lin Manuel Miranda on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview Grammy, and Tony Award winning composer, lyricist, and actor Lin Manuel Miranda. We discussed his current projects, including the movie adaptation of the award winning play In The Heights. We also discussed, his work with Free Style Love Supreme, his upcoming album on Alexander Hamilton, his road to success, and some of the obstacles he had to overcome.

Memorable Quotes:

On what it takes to succeed.
"Ive thrown out more than sixty songs, that did not make show."

On some of the jobs he had, before making it on Broadway.
"You do what you can, so that you can do what you love."

On the ability to collaborate, and accept constructive criticism.
"If you want to be a genius in solitude, write a novel."

Friday, March 4, 2011

Martin Dilan on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview State Senator Martin Dilan, who represents the 17th SD. We discussed independent redistricting, rent protection laws, LIFO, and ethics reform legislation. We also discussed the race in the 54th AD.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

NY Political Scoop: the Towns v. Dilans

NY Political Scoop: the Towns v. Dilans
by Roberto Perez/The Perez Notes
Sources tell me that Congressman Ed Towns is hinting at running his daughter Deidra on a third party line in Brooklyn’s 54th Assembly District.

The Towns family has begun to assemble a campaign staff that includes Arelis Echevarria as campaign treasurer. Echevarria served as director of community relations for former City Comptroller Bill Thompson.
As for the always critical campaign manager slot, the Towns clan has approached the Brooklyn political veteran Juan Martinez, the president of Progress Inc. According to my sources, Martinez has yet to decide whether he will take the post.
In my last column, I wrote that another political clan—the Dilan family—is favored for the Assembly seat. That seat was vacated when Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed Darryl Towns to state commissioner.

Congressman Towns is trying to beat back a challenge by the Dilans for the Assembly seat so that he can claim his real prize—the District Leader position. His son Darryl also held that seat until he was bumped up by Cuomo. By controlling the DL position, Towns could influence judicial appointments and possibly broker a spot on the NY Supreme Court for candidate and friend Betty Williams.
But securing both positions (DL and the AD) is an uphill climb for the congressman. The Democratic nominee for the Assembly seat will be chosen by the Democratic County Committee. That committee is stacked with Dilan allies.

In an overwhelmingly Democratic district, running on a third party line, even if your last name is Towns, is next to impossible. Echevarria has been recruited as campaign treasurer, with the hope that her fundraising prowess will level the playing field.
This weekend, both political families are expected to meet. No one knows what the outcome will be, but what is evident is that Congressman Towns is making a concerted effort to maintain a Towns family presence in the 54th AD.