Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clayton Powell IV preparing to run for Congress again El Diario La Prensa

Adam Clayton Powell IV is running for Congress again. In a recent conversation I had with him, he said he would likely not run against Congressman Rangel but definitely made it clear that he would run when Rangel retires.

During his time out of politics, the former assemblyman has focused on his consulting firm, and keeping a close eye on redistricting, which will influence his next move.

With all this talk about redistricting and the possible creation of super-minority districts, one wonders which district will Powell run in, being that he is half Latino and half African American.

In Harlem, Powell's name is synonymous with the Abyssinian Baptist Church, the State building on 125th Street, and the boulevard that bears his name. But Adam was also born and raised in Puerto Rico.

So it was too tempting not to ask him the following hypothetical question: would he run against Congresswoman Maloney if her district was redrawn to include Latino neighborhoods like Washington Heights. Which would also automatically make him a potential opponent to State Senator Adriano Espaillat and Assemblyman Guillermo Linares.

Or would he want to continue his fathers legacy and run for Rangel's seat, if the district was redrawn to include parts of the east Bronx and Mount Vernon. If he chose this route, he would probably have to face political heavyweights such as Manhattan Democratic boss, Assemblyman Keith Wright, Bronx Democratic boss Assemblyman Carl Heastie, or State Senator Bill Perkins.

Here was his response to the question: "I have very strong ties with the African American community, but I will cross that bridge when I get there." Powell has some money in the bank, but is planning a big fundraiser for mid-January that could mark the beginning of his campaign. He made it clear that his decision does not depend solely on what happens with redistricting. Two other candidates are also being mentioned for Rangel's seat they are Clyde Williams a (close aide to Bill Clinton and President Obama) and Vince Morgan a (former aide to Rangel).