Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Politics in Bushwick El Diario La Prensa

Politics in Bushwick

Roberto Perez El Diario La Prensa 8-31-2011

The race in the 54th AD, is only the tip of the ice-berg, when it comes to the many wars left to be fought between Brooklyn Democratic Boss Assemblyman Vito Lopez, and his many enemies.

In 2013 two seats that make up parts of the 54th AD will be up for grabs, one is held by Erik Dilan CD 37, and the other by Diana Reyna CD 34, but for now lets focus on the 34th.

It is no secret that Councilwoman Diana Reyna who was once a Lopez protege, and is now his enemy would like nothing more than to pick her successor to spite Lopez. And to add to the melodrama not only are Lopez, and Reyna rivals but they are also neighbors, a good part of the 34th CD is in Lopez assembly district.

Lopez tried to eliminate Reyna in 2009, by running his ally District Leader Maritza Davila against Reyna. Davila lost in the primary by 2%. But the fight didnt end there, Lopez then proceeded to run Davila again in the general, and Davila secured 34% of the vote to Reyna’s 59%.

But to illustrate how much animosity Lopez has towards Reyna, he supported Davila on the WFP line over Reyna who had the Democratic Party line, and he is the chair of the Brooklyn Democratic party.

But 2013 looks like it’s going to be round 3 in this saga. So, here are the candidates being mentioned, and their affiliations. Lets start with whom many would consider the outsider Attorney Jason Otano, who works in the office of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. Otano who recently moved into the district is already being attacked as a carpet bagger, by people in the Reyna camp.

From the Reyna camp the names being mentioned are her Chief of Staff Antonio Reynoso, and Esteban Duran who ran against Lopez for District Leader, and was recently involved in Jesus Gonzalez campaign in the 54th AD. Duran, and Reynoso are friends, so one would step aside for the other.

And lastly from the Lopez camp you have of course District Leader Maritza Davila, who ran a strong race against the incumbent the last time, and another person to look out for is Maria Viera who has ties to the Lopez funded Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council.

FYI My sources tell me that the Transport Workers Union Local 100 is going to endorse Jesus Gonzalez.