Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Brooklyn Politics Podcast
Episode: 5
Roberto Perez

I was invited on THE BROOKLYN POLITICS Pod Cast to discuss the race in the 54th AD. To listen to the discussion, between myself, Colin Campbell, and Nick Rizzo please follow the link.

The fifth episode of The Brooklyn Politics Podcast is with Roberto Perez, a reporter who has been doing top notch political interviews on his blog, The Perez Notes in addition to writing for El Diario.

Nick Rizzo and I (supported by our producer Mike Dougherty) interviewed Roberto about the September 13th special election in the 54th Assembly District, which features a fascinating three-way race with plenty of political intrigue.

As Roberto has not only interviewed all three of the candidates, but also the larger cast of almost every major political player in this race, he’s definitely worth listening to!

So, as always, take a listen and enjoy: