Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Latino to replace Weiner after all El Diario La Prensa

A Latino to replace Weiner after all.

Roberto Perez El Diario La Prensa 8-3-2011

In an interesting development in the race in the 54th AD. Labor Union SEIU 32BJ endorsed Rafael Espinal over Jesus Gonzalez who is running on the Working Families Party Line in the election.

32BJ broke ranks with the WFP, and the reason why according to my sources is because of an old allegiance between 32BJ Political Director Alison Hirsh and Brooklyn Democratic Party Boss Assembly Vito Lopez who is backing Espinal. The connection between the two power brokers, lies in the fact that Hirsh once served as Lopez Chief of Staff, so that explains why 32BJ would be inclined to back Espinal over Gonzalez.

In a race that will likely have low voter turn-out. Labor Union endorsements are crucial, because unions provide the foot soldiers that help in a campaigns get out the vote operations. So in order to neutralize the political support that 32BJ will provide Espinal. The Gonzalez camp is banking on an endorsement from 1199 SEIU in the very near future.

Every one involved in politics recognizes that 1199 like 32BJ has a political operation that is second to none. The only hang up would be that if 1199 SEIU goes with Gonzalez it will be betraying one of it’s members Rafael Espinals mother.

Latino Candidate in the 9th CD.

There is a Latino running for Congress in the 9th CD, and it’s not Republican Juan Reyes it is. Assemblyman David Weprin whose mother is from CUBA. She immigrated to the US when she was 8 years old. In an interview with the Assemblyman’s brother Councilman Mark Weprin he talked about some of the struggles their mother had to overcome as a newly arrived immigrant.”My mom came here when she was 8 years old didn't speak a word of English, it was very tough for her. She got picked on a lot, she stood up a lot. She beat up a couple of guys over it. She is a tough lady my mom.”