Sunday, June 19, 2011

Charles Barron on THE PEREZ NOTES

I had the opportunity to interview Councilman Charles Barron. Here are some quotes from the interview, with the audio included below.

On running for Congress

"Well its a good possibility that I going to run against Ed Towns. I did very well the first time. I got 15,000 votes to his 19,000 we could beat Towns no matter what. I am here for Jesus today. I am not here to connect with that. If that happens that happens, but my sole purpose for being here today is cause we have a great young leader, and I think we can turn things around here. I am going to whip Towns with or without Jesus. If I get in there I am going to beat him down. I think I can beat Towns, I think Towns is very do able. He's been around a long time he had 1.1 million a 24 year incumbent he had all of the preachers support him. I had no unions, no money 135,000 dollars. I had no elected officials. He had elected's, unions, preachers 1.1 million dollars 12 mailings. I did 1 mailing 135,000 dollars 38% to 46%. I am 8% points away, and if they didn't throw that little sell-out Roger Green in he got 6% I would have been a Congressman today so he is in trouble."

On Hakeem Jeffries running for Congress

"WHO? WHO? He is a possible candidate. I don't hear much about the guy. I am not worried about no Hakeem Jeffries. Hakeem Jeffries has no name recognition outside of his district. He is a go along get a long politician Vito Lopez lap-dog. He is no different than Towns in terms of his alliances with the county. So he will go along to get along. He did a few pieces of progressive legislation. We are not worried about Hakeem he would have to give up his seat to run."

Anthony Weiner

"Maybe Weiner will get a CNN spot with Eliot Spitzer, and they can co-host it, and have Bill Clinton as a guest. Because that's what happens with white men when they mess up, and become perverts they get rewarded."

William Boyland and Carl Krueger

"Boyland should be ashamed of himself. They think they can get away with stuff like that. Him and Krueger look like they are going down. I am not one who wants to gloat over anyone's misfortune, but you shouldn't go in there trying to act like them you better be principled, or else you are going down."