Sunday, September 26, 2010

Following the city wide election night part 3.

New York city holds elections for city offices every four years. This year New Yorkers are voting for mayor, public advocate, comptroller. There will also be local elections for borough president and city council members.

The mayor is the Chief Executive Officer on New York. The Mayor’s duties include appointing and removing agency heads and commissioners for mayoral agencies and many public authorities, and proposing a city budget.

The Comptroller is the city’s Chief Financial Officer. The Comptroller’s responsibilities include auditing city agencies and investigating all matters concerning the city’s finances.

The Public Advocate act as a “watchdog” or go-between. The job of the Public advocate includes monitoring the operation of the public information and service complaint programs of city agencies and investigating. In the mayor’s absence, the Public Advocate acts as the mayor.

Destination Casa Blanca New York Politics Edition will bring you a special live edition with the latest analysis of the city wide election night, giving special attention to the mayoral election. What can Latino New Yorkers anticipate for the next four years?